Have you heard this word before? Do you know what it means?  I’ll admit it, I’d never heard this word before a few years ago.  The definition: showing keen discernment, sound judgment and farsightedness.

Now I can even use it in a sentence!  For example: The Board of Directors made the sagacious decision to trademark the logo of Tri 4 Schools, allowing the brand to accompany strategic growth plans without invasion from other competing organizations.  Boom.

So what does this all have to do with Tri 4 Schools anyway?

A friend of mine, Shane Adams, made a sagacious decision of his own to start a consulting company after leaving Epic.  This organization would provide resources to help in the implementation of Epic software.  His philosophy for Sagacious would be to follow the simple philosophy that the success of one’s business is directly determined by the success of their customers.  Read more about Sagacious here.

What I like best about Sagacious is their high priority of work/life balance for their employees.  It’s not about the hours billed, it’s about the quality of life and work experience.  One of the biggest manifestations of this practice is their charitable giving.  Not only do they donate on behalf of their employees, but they wanted to do something more for Tri 4 Schools during September’s Users Group Meeting in Madison.

On September 16th, Sagacious hosted a social hour for current and prospective customers, they wanted to help make an impact on the health of local kids and help incentivize customers to participate as well!  They invited  us to come and share our mission, and donated $10 for every person in attendance.  We decided that the best way to make an impact through Tri 4 Schools was to donate to our Adopted Schools program.  Each of the five schools for 2013 submitted proposals on what they’d like to spend their money on this year, and the attendees voted for their favorite.

In the end, $580 was donated to Sandburg Elementary on Madison’s north side!  Then, the great team at Sagacious surprised us again…and made the check out for $1,000 instead!  Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps of excitement.

Here’s to a long and healthy partnership with the entire team at Sagacious Consultants! THANK YOU!