Welcome to our race blog.  This is the first post on our website, and I hope to keep this updated so you know what is going on with our race.

I started Tri 4 Schools because I have a passion for living an active lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.  After seeing story and after story about childhood obesity and how it can drastically affect the way kids grow, I was moved to action.  Triathlon is a sport that I started at age 19, but is now growing and reaching children as young as three!  By getting involved in this sport as a child, kids can start off on the right track towards lifelong health and fitness.

However, I believe that it’s not just enough to do a triathlon every now and then – kids need to learn from a variety of mentors and resources about making healthy choices.  Therefore, all profits from Tri 4 Schools races will go to the schools of our participants to help fund sports and nutrition programs.  By arming kids, parents, and educators with the tools to teach kids about health, we’re forming an unstoppable team that can create active kids and brighter futures.