I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it! ~Buddy the Elf


As we start another year, I find myself planning for all we hope to accomplish, and there’s one factor that stands above the rest in determining whether we will succeed.

Funding? No (but that’s a close second).

Staff time? No (but that’s pretty important, too).

Volunteers.  People willing to give of their own time and energy to help others succeed.  I find more and more that our ability to pursue our mission depends largely on the generosity of others’ time.  With six youth events, an after-school program spanning January-August, and a golf event, and an awards dinner, volunteerism is woven into every aspect of our organization.

I was reflecting on that this week – when I asked for help with putting together all the student binders for our Exercise to Achievement program, and the call was answered.  When I needed assistance with entering all our rosters into spreadsheets, and the call was answered.  When I asked for help with staffing our events and programs for this spring, and the call was answered.

It’s an amazing blessing to have others who care so deeply about something you’ve created that they’re willing to give up their own priorities, their own time, and their resources.  I expect to give of those things myself, and our two staff members now will have an expectation of this to some degree.  But, for someone else to say “Yes, I support you AND this idea, and I’ll help you simply because it’s a good thing” is almost beyond belief.

To everyone who has helped us in the past in any capacity, THANK YOU.  You’ve made a huge difference in my life, and the lives of the kids and families who participate in our events.  For some of you, you’ve even caught the brunt of someone’s anger or frustration, which you could easily have avoided by doing something else that day instead.  In those cases, I’m especially grateful.

So, as we ramp up for 2016, I’d like to ask you:

Can you take a few hours out of a Saturday morning to help give back to your community?

Could you lend a hand to make sure that the next generation has opportunities to be active?

You can learn more AND sign up on our volunteer page, or by emailing info@tri4schools.org.

Upcoming Opportunities

  • Waunakee Kids Triathlon – Saturday, April 30th – shifts 6:30-10:30am or 7:30-11:30am
  • Madison Marathon Kids Run – Saturday, May 28th – 5:45-7:15pm