We’re always trying to make our events better, so here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming in 2016 for our participants!

Finisher stickers! A few parents suggested we have a way for kids to show off their accomplishment in a more permanent way or at school, and we thought it was a great idea! All goody bags will come with these this year.

Tech Tees in awesome colors! We’re working with our t-shirt vendor to come up with three amazing colors for this year’s shirts, which will once again be the quick-dry technical fabric.  Kids deserve cool gear just like adults!

Finisher Bling. Medals are keepsakes that you’ll treasure for a long time, so we wanted to dress them up a bit.  We’ll have custom medals with additions like glitter and glow-in-the-dark ink this year!

Water Slide Swim Start!  At our NEW tri in Sun Prairie, kids in the short course will start by going down the water slide in the indoor pool.  Bet you’ve never done THAT in a race before!

Run with the principal. We’re working on recruiting as many school teachers, principals, and staff as we can to be volunteers on the course to cheer on their school’s athletes.  It’s athlete recognition on a whole new level.

For Parents

We know that while kids love the cool additions above, your biggest priority is keeping your kids safe on the course, and making sure our races are organized and efficient.  So, we’ve made a few other changes this year to help you, too!

Building up the bike team: Our Bike lead has a huge role on race day, so we added another support person to their team. This will allow them to focus more on participants, while the assistant focuses on volunteers.  We’re also equipping our “Sag Bike” with their own radio to make sure we know the minute we can start the next group of swimmers.

Middleton Course Changes: We’ve removed the downhill with a sharp right-hand turn onto Branch Street, which will be safer for our athletes, and replaced it with a turnaround in the cul de sac on Santa Maria Ct.  We’ve also switched the direction of the course to limit any biking on the wrong side of the road. With a few new signs, we’re also hoping to further limit the number of kids who do the wrong number of laps on the long course bike.  We’re also planning to recruit veteran parents to volunteer at this corner!

Waunakee Crossing Zone: We know that a lot happens in a small space at the Waunakee tri, so we’ve added some signage and crossing guards to help parents, kids, and other guests cross safely across the course.  Whether you’re hoping to get things in and out of transition, or just cheer on your swimmer as they exit the water, find the Cross Here signs and we’ll get you there safely.

Got other suggestions on how we can improve our events?  Want to get involved as a volunteer?

Sign up here, or email us at info@tri4schools.org.

See you soon!