I’ve been privileged the past two years to work with Dr. Chad Updike at AlignLife Chiropractic in Waunakee.  He’s a huge advocate of community events, health, and especially kids.  He owns AlignLife Chiropractic in Waunakee and they are a series sponsor of our 2013 events. 

At a recent health fair, Chad and I started talking, and it came out that I had never been to a chiropractor…and that I really didn’t know much about what chiropractic care was all about.  So, we decided to do a join project to help let people know what chiropractic care is really about and share my experience in the hopes of helping others.

I’ve never really had any sort of chronic pain issues, other than some minor back pain after exercising or standing all day.  So, I’m excited to share with you all how this experience goes for me…and maybe you will be willing to check it out and see how it could help you!

My big takeaway from day one: chiropractic care is about the nervous system, not just your spine.  Your nervous system affects every area of your body and only 10% of it is responsible for detecting pain.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I’ll be sure to let you all know next week what appears in my findings…stay tuned!