For most triathletes (young and old alike,) the swim is often the discipline that can make or break an athlete’s race.  Even though it is the shortest part of any triathlon, unless you are a competitive swimmer, it’s likely that you’ve hesitated on entering a race because of the swimming.

Perhaps you (or your child) has had thoughts like these:

“I can’t swim that far.”

“Swimming makes me so tired.”

“I’m always the last one out of the water.”

“Do I have to put my face in?”


Good News, triathletes!  Swimming is a skill that you can improve upon drastically with the right instruction.  Harbor Athletic Club has an extensive swim program for swimmers of all ages and abilities and we run classes all year long.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to triathlon and are thinking of trying the Short Course at a race next year or if you are trying to improve your skills to make it to the top of the podium on the Long Course next year-we have a class to help you!

harbor swim school

Afraid to put your face in?  We have experienced and patient instructors who can help you overcome your fear.

Do you run out of gas before the end of the length?  We can teach you proper breathing and help improve your technique so you don’t get so tired.

Do you worry about being the slowest swimmer?  Our swim school and masters participants often end up being the fastest swimmers in their races!  We know how to improve your speed!

harbor swim school


Don’t let your swim skills keep you from accomplishing your triathlon goals.  Find a class that is right for you (or let us help you pick the right one) and get started right away.  Kids (and adults) who participate regularly in swim instruction throughout  the school year experience much more swimming success in their summer races than those who choose to only swim during the summer.


Harbor Swim School and Harbor Masters run classes all year long for members and non members.  You can find more information…


Learn more and register here!

You can reach Swim School Program Director, Rachael, by Phone at 608-831-6500 or at