This week we would like make another round of thank you’s to some of our Waunakee Triathlon sponsors. While we have partnered with several new sponsors this year, we are happy to be supported by Uniek, Frito Lay, and ATC for a second year. Not only do these sponsors provide monetary donations, but they are also very committed to our mission of providing youth with healtheir and active options.

Uniek is a second year sponsor that is based in Waunakee, WI. They are a premier designer, manufacturer, and supplier of picture frames and home decor accents for retailers in North America. All of the products from Uniek are proudly manufactured in the United States and have been recognized by Fortune 500 retailers and industry leaders for their dedication to customer service, lasting partnerships and high quality product. They promote Tri 4 Schools events in their break room and cafeteria. Their employees have volunteered at the events and many of their kids have participated in the triathlon.

Frito Lay is a second year sponsor for the Waunakee Kids Triathlon at the gold level. It is easy to say that they are more than just chips. Not only are they the manufacturer of the world known Lays chips, but they are also very dedicated to healthier alternatives. One of their highest priorities is to help fund athletic programs for children like Tri 4 Schools. The local distributor for Frito Lay focuses on establishing partnerships with area grocery stores to help with product donations at the events too! Healthy options of course! They are so dedicated to this that their website includes a Your Health tab that lets you explore their products to help you make informed decisions.

American Transmission Company (ATC) is another second year sponsor for the Waunakee event. They are based out of Pewaukee, but have a branch here in Madison. ATC owns and operates high-voltage electric transmission systems that provide the pathways for power into communities. They help keep the lights on and the refrigerator running for all our healthy snacks. In all of their work, they work with the communities they serve to ensure the safety of the environment and are considerate of landowners. It is no doubt that they are happy to help fund an organization like Tri 4 Schools that also benefits and considers the community they serve.

Thank you sponsors for helping our ideas become realities!