Does anyone remember the episode of The Office where Michael Scott wants to present a giant check with the earnings from their race “for the cure” for Rabies?  It’s a great episode…and the part about the giant check is especially funny, since the check cost more to make than the profits of the race!

I’ve always wanted to be part of one of those ceremonies, which is why I think I was so excited to present our Fittest Schools with their earnings this year.  I bought all the supplies to make giant checks for each one, and boy, if you could see the looks on the faces of the students and teachers when those checks come out, it would make anyone smile.  I was honored to be invited to Lindbergh Elementary and Whitehorse Middle School to celebrate the accomplishment of their students in the Tri 4 Schools triathlons this year.


Jay and Liz Lindbergh big check

Principal Liz Fritz and PE Teacher Jay Matthews with the funds their school, Lindbergh Elementary, earned from Tri 4 Schools’ 2012 races.

Whitehorse big check

These are just half of the 38 Whitehorse Middle School students who competed in the Tri 4 Schools races this year. They earned over $1600 for their school’s running and triathlon club.