Well, Monday was my first adjustment and x-ray review with Dr. Chad at AlignLife of Waunakee.  I can tell you going in that morning to review my x-rays I was a bit nervous, as I’m a recovering perfectionist who would be disappointed with any poor findings.  It turns out there were a few areas where I had already increased some shortened disc space, and the curvature had become less pronounced.  It was interesting to see this, since I haven’t ever had any severe impact or trauma, and considered myself pretty healthy and injury-free up to this point.

The bad news?  Once the disc space between your vertebrae has shrunk, or calcified, there is no way to regenerate it or get it back.  The good news?  Chiropractic experts can help with getting your spine in proper alignment so things can begin working better and stop the problem from getting worse.  I had three small adjustments that needed to be done – one in the cervical spine area, one in the thoracic spine area, and one in the lumbar spine.

The most interesting sensation was the cervical spine adjustment – I felt lots of tingling all over, and because this area is so close to your ears, it was a loud pop that opened my eyes a bit wider!  The other two were a piece of cake, and I was done in less than five minutes!  I was sent home with doctor’s orders to ice the area and make sure to avoid certain exercises that could contradict the patient goals were going after.

Today I came back in for an evaluation and a discussion of my care plan.  I think it’s great that Dr. Chad spends so much time on education, answering questions and concerns, and even just getting to know you.  I never felt rushed or that I was somehow less important than any other patient, and he has a very positive and upbeat outlook on healing and getting people back to a more ideal state.

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress – the plan calls for some more frequent sessions over the next month to really start correcting some of the misalignments that have formed.  Then we’ll go down to once a week, and then maybe every few months.  In the meantime, I’m planning on bringing in my daughter (18 months old) and husband for a referral to see how they could benefit.  I’m even going to try and get my Dad in, who has been dealing with some chronic back, leg, and arm pain.

Thanks so much to Dr. Chad and Barb for really making this a good learning experience for me, we’ll see how things go!

Healing Takes Time