We love when our donors are able to combine their passions with ours. Volunteer Kristen Dresen talks with us about the importance of sunscreen for you and your family, and why her work with Beautycounter supports Tri 4 Schools.

Sun Safety

sunscreen safety tri 4 schoolsThe most important rule with sunscreen?  Wear it. Wear it on sunny days and cloudy days, on yourself and your family.

Next, understand what’s in your sunscreen.  There are 2 types of sunblockers: chemical blockers (like oxybenzone) and physical (mineral) blockers like Zinc Oxide. Instead of using a potentially harmful sunblocker like oxybenzone, we use non-nanoparticle zinc oxide, an effective mineral that works by reflecting UV light rays. Plus, minerals are great for people with sensitive skin as it tends to be less irritating. Zinc oxide is also better for the ocean than oxybenzone, which recent studies have shown may be harmful to coral reefs.

Connecting to Kids Health

I’ve known Katie Hensel, the Founder, since our days working together at Epic, and watched her take the big leap to start Tri 4 Schools.  Over the years, I have become a passionate advocate for the Tri 4 Schools mission – promoting health and wellness in children AND supporting our amazing public schools that make such a difference for our children (including my own). Tri 4 Schools is motivating both children and adults to be active, set goals, and try new things. I love to volunteer at every event I can, and it honestly gives as much to me as I bring to it.

The excitement I get to see in the faces of the athletes as they get checked-in and ready to go is something that’s hard to describe. The support I see from the family, friends, and coaches is motivating – this matters to these kids and is impacting their choices early to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Tri 4 Schools is making a difference and I want to support that however I can, which includes donations, volunteering, and now also with my work with Beautycounter.

What is Beautycounter?

Beautycounter is a mission-based personal care product company that is focused on education and getting safer products into the hands of consumers. It runs counter to the rest of the beauty industry (hence the name) and puts safety and transparency first without compromising performance. For example:

  • The “Never List” bans 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients from our products and maintain a strict ingredient selection process.
  • Beautycounter is a certified B Corp which means we value people, planet, and profit equally in each decision we make – not just the bottom line. You can see that work in many ways with Beautycounter such as the use of FSC-certified paper packaging of cosmetics. Many products that claim to be natural, plant-based, and/or organic are not necessarily safer.

I fell in the love with the products as much as the mission, and had to get involved to share with others.  I can also use this as a platform to support Tri 4 Schools by donating 100% of my proceeds from Tri 4 Schools supporters to support Tri 4 Schools!

To support Tri 4 Schools while you shop– visit my site and choose the “Tri 4 Schools fundraiser” social.  Or, visit the official fundraiser site!

Remember the Sun Safety Rules?

Beautycounter offers a few different sunscreen products that are convenient when you’re on the go.  If you’re anything like our family, that’s pretty much always (we have three girls under age 7).  Here are my faves:

Protect All Over sunscreen lotion.  It rubs in easily and doesn’t leave the skin white like others I’ve tried.  No more breaking a sweat while applying on your kids! SPF 30 and water resistant.
Protect Stick Sunscreen (two sizes – for face or body). Throw these in your beach bag and use for quick application and reapplication. They go on easily and provide water resistance for 80 minutes.
Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer -SPF 20 provides lightweight hydration that evens skin tone while protecting the skin from sun damage.

sunscreen safety tri 4 schools
Want more info, or want to see how your current brand stacks up?

The Environmental Workgroup’s website is a great resource for all skin care products.  Here’s another great article on sun safety.

Check out the safety of your products on their website or on EWG’s healthy living app.  It allows you to scan the barcode of products in your home and see their safety ratings.

Trying is Believing

Want to try things out first? Contact me (kmdresen@gmail.com), or I can drop some things off, so you can try them at home!

Want to share the mission of Beautycounter and support Tri 4 schools as a group? Get a group of a few friends together so you can try some products out in person!  Did somebody say Ladies Night?