Well, the 2012 race season has come to a close…can you believe it?  We ended this year with an outstanding race in Middleton on August 4th.  There were 375 kids who came out and not only completed a triathlon, but raised over $9200 for their schools’ health and fitness programs.  Thankfully, the rainstorms held off until the afternoon this time, but I still can’t believe there were thunderstorms on race day when we’ve had almost no rain all summer!

I could regale you with tales of the day, but I think the best way to get a picture of the whole day is to share with you our newly completed promotional video, done by Justin Yapp of Yappography!  It really captures the smiles, cheers, and healthy, encouraging atmosphere of our events.  It brings a smile to my face every time I see it, so I hope it does the same for you (that is, except for the ridiculous look on my face before the video starts…yikes). 🙂


Also, I’d like to thank our intern, Bridget, for her incredible work this summer.  She is heading back to school in the fall at UW, and we are eager to have her back again to continue our mission of creating healthier kids and brighter futures!

Stay tuned for fun weekly blog posts this fall!