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We know you want to see happy, healthy, confident kids in your community. Ready to make it happen? The Tri 4 Schools staff brings decades of nonprofit, triathlon, and start up business experience. We provide a support team to help you not only start, but sustain a successful and powerfully impactful organization in your own community! Tri 4 Schools has had over 10,000 kids cross the finish line! We have an experienced support team ready to help you establish your own successful Tri 4 Schools Chapter. Let’s get started!

1. Check out our Starting a T4S Chapter document

2. Determine if you meet the criteria to start a chapter

3. Apply to become a new T4S Chapter!

Tri 4 Schools Provides…

Tri 4 Schools will support new chapters during the startup process and beyond! During start up we will:

  • Work with you to start & grow your program
  • Support you in developing a board of directors
  • Work with you to raise funds and get sponsorship support
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support

Apply to Start a Chapter