On May 30th, rain, wind, and chilly temperatures didn’t stop you, and we’re so grateful for your dedication!

Our third annual Spring mud run was our biggest yet, and though I’m certain the weather was the ickiest we’ve experienced, there were so many positives that the weather became nothing more than a gloomy backdrop.  We’d like to give thanks to everyone who played a role in this event, shout-0ut style:

  • To our fantastic sponsors, especially the Madison Mud Run, Meriter & Physicians Plus, TDS, Culver’s, and WEA Trust, for helping support the event financially and with discounted services…we wouldn’t be able to donate all our entry fees back to schools without your financial support!
  • To our incredible volunteers – you stood out in the rain and wind for hours helping kids through mud, over walls, and under traffic barricades, purely out of the goodness of your heart, and because you believe in healthy kids and schools.  That is one of the most admirable qualities I can think of!  Some of you even staffed TWO shifts to help raise money through the Race Day Events LLC volunteer program.  Coffee, t-shirts, and bagels aren’t enough to express our gratitude, but hopefully they help a little.
  • To our participants and their families – There would be no race and no money going back to schools without you.  Thanks for braving the conditions and chaos of a 1,000 kid-strong event in the name of providing your child with a fun, healthy activity, and fueling our mission.
  • To the teachers who brought shuttles from your school – Thank you for being a teacher on a Saturday morning in addition to almost every other day of the week!  We appreciate you giving your time to give your students this opportunity.

All of these groups of people came together to create some amazing results…

Our Fittest School for the Spring Mud Run this year is LINCOLN ELEMENTARY with an incredible 118 kids!  Their entire school really gets behind the Mud Run, and their phy-ed teacher, Mr. Smith, does an amazing job promoting the event and encouraging friendly competition between grades to see who gets the most kids signed up.

The other top schools from the Spring Mud Run did an amazing job as well, and we’re proud of the efforts of the staff and parents for helping promote the event:

2. Mendota Elementary – 61 kids

3.  Van Hise Elementary – 55 kids

4. West Middleton Elementary – 46 kids

5. Core Knowledge Charter – 42 kids


 All in all, 916 kids participated in this year’s event, with 133 parents (this is likely larger, but we’re not able to distinguish adults who did the 5k to run with their kids and those who just did the 5k as part of the Madison Mud Run).

Perhaps the most amazing stat of all for the Mud Run is the fact that we had 215 kids participate on scholarship – which is the highest total for a single event in our history.  This means 23% of the kids participating were able to participate for free, and Tri 4 Schools will still make a donation to their school, thanks to the help of our donors, grant partners, and corporate support.  It’s so important to provide opportunities like this to all children, and if you believe that healthy kids make better learners and healthier adults, we hope you’ll consider becoming a member of our support team by making a tax-deductible gift online.  Even a $15 donation provides one mud run scholarship.

Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you on September 26th for our Fall Mud Run!