We’re very excited to announce the newest Gold Level Sponsor of our Fall Mud Run. If you’ve never heard of Madison Smile Solutions before, it’s time you did, as it’s one of the few independently owned and operated dental practices in the Madison area. Which means that it isn’t part of one of the growing number of “big box” dental practices. It has one dentist, Dr. Kaveh Ghaboussi, and we thought you might like to get to know him a bit, so we recently asked him a few questions about his practice and his interest in Tri 4 Schools.

TRI 4 SCHOOLS: First, tell us a little about your practice. Why did you start an independent practice instead of going to work for a big dental chain?

DR. KAVEH: Actually I did work for one of those large dental chains for several years, but I wasn’t happy, and the reason I wasn’t happy was because I never got the chance to get to know my patients. It was a very busy environment, more like a factory than the sort of friendly dental practice I always wanted to operate, which is why I opened my own.

TRI 4 SCHOOLS: What, in your estimation, is the ideal dental practice — and does Madison Smile Solutions live up to that ideal?

DR. KAVEH: Very much so. The founding principle of the practice is first and foremost the best quality care, delivered consistently and comfortably. We have that and it makes me very proud. However on top of that we also have something else, something that most dental practices are missing nowadays. That is a family-like feel where everybody knows your name, if you’ll pardon the expression.

TRI 4 SCHOOLS: Do you think that’s important in a dental practice?

DR. KAVEH: I absolutely do. One of the things that bothered me during my time at a big practice was they felt they were treated impersonally. My view is that if you’re the patient you’re in the driver’s seat, a true partner in your care. And the thing about a partner is that you always treat them kindly, with courtesy and respect, and never lecture or make them feel ashamed. My goal is long, happy relationships. It’s good for me as a person and it’s good for my practice.

TRI 4 SCHOOLS: What are you looking forward to the most about partnering with Tri 4 Schools?

DR. KAVEH: What I like so much about Tri 4 Schools is that they do so much to help kids stay healthy. And health is of course my business, since you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth. Beyond that I think Tri 4 Schools teaches kids some very important things, like doing your best, finishing what you start, and thinking outside yourself — about your school and your community. Plus of course I love all the smiles!


Welcome, Madison Smile Solutions!  We’re so happy to be partnering with you, and we’ll see all of YOU out at the Madison Smile Solutions Mouth Full of Mud Pit on September 27th!