My very good friend Brandon is a huge advocate for Tri 4 Schools.  He volunteers at pretty much every event, provides a financial gift every year, and has helped raise money for us through a variety of activities he is involved in.  Last year, he put his volleyball skills to use and helped win a charity volleyball tournament!  This year, it was through a super fun event that his work organized called City Scour.  It seemed like such a cool idea I thought it was worth highlighting, and wanted to recognize both Brandon and his employer, WTS Paradigm, for helping us with a $1,000 donation!

The City Scour is an all-company event in which employees are divided into small teams and sent across downtown Madison in a competition to solve clues and take photos at different locations. A mix of trivia, photo clues, videos, and road block tasks combine to make the City Scour a dynamic and unique team-building adventure. Teams can go as quickly or as slowly as they want – the point is to get to know coworkers outside their regular work groups, build relationships, explore Madison, and have fun!  Sounds a bit like our events – you can do our triathlons as a team, and many of our schools make our events a team effort, citing our events a huge friendship and relationship-builder for their students.

Each year the event evolves and grows with refined focus on team building, problem solving, and interacting with the community. For the 2013 City Scour, WTS Paradigm wanted to incorporate one of their other core values: Passion. Part of what passion means at WTS Paradigm is giving back to the community. Through charitable efforts, company events, and employer match donations, they prides themselves in providing opportunities for employees to contribute to the communities that they live and work in. In order to further promote this culture of giving, WTS Paradigm added a $1000 bonus prize that the winning team of the City Scour would be able to donate to a charity of their choice.

On the 2013 City Scour, teams explored Madison in search of clues ranging from the Geology Museum, Kohl Center, Union South, Henry Vilas Zoo, and many more in between. Some teams chose to chase the high point value items that were a farther trek from the main route, while other teams chose to pack in the high quantity of low/medium point clues that were in close vicinity. As teams traveled from one clue location to the next, they tried to solve the trivia questions and recruit strangers to fulfill their video clues for the hunt such as singing and dancing to the YMCA, playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” doing “The Wave” together, and more. Employees worked together to complete a blindfolded obstacle course and shoot Nerf guns at a target range for additional points. Employees took photos mimicking statues, eating sour lemons, and doing the Hula dance.  

                The winners of the 2013 City Scour were the “Electric Pink” team. The team was composed of Jenny Berg, Natalie Olson, Brandon Peck, Jamie Doser, and Amber Helt. They selected Tri 4 Schools as the charity of their choice! We are honored that they selected us as their charity partner.  Thanks to the Electric Pink team for doing all that crazy stuff in order to help us get kids active inside and outside of school!