We’re thrilled to announce the recipients of our first ever school grant program, and our 2016 Endowment Fund grant winner!  The real winners? The thousands of kids who will benefit from these initiatives in 2017.

This year, we reviewed 17 proposals, and they were all great!  We focused on innovative and inclusive projects that would benefit the greatest number of students, while staying focused on our mission of increasing physical activity and emotional health of kids in our community.

Congratulations to our winners, who will receive their checks at tonight’s Honors Night celebration!

To learn more about how you can support our grant programs, please consider a donation to our Endowment Fund.  Donate here and specify “Endowment” in your comments.

  • Endowment Fund Grant

    • Winner: Sandburg Elementary
    • Project: Joan plans to furnish a classroom at their elementary school on Madison’s north side with kinesthetic learning equipment, such as wobble seats, kneeling pads, and convert several desks into standing desks to keep students active all day long.  Research shows that this helps improve focus, and reduce stress and behavioral incidents.
    • Submitted By: Joan Brennan
  • School Grants

    • $3,000 – Westside Elementary: Westside will be implementing mindfulness curriculum and equipment into all of their classrooms, helping their students (many of whom come from high-stress environments and situations) focus, reduce stress, and self regulate for optimal classroom learning.
      • Submitted by: Nikki Burke and Katie King
    • $2500 – Waunakee Elementary Schools: Waunakee is purchasing a railyard fitness system for all three of their elementary schools, which is inclusive of students of all abilities and fitness levels.
      • Submitted by: Rod Holler
    • $1850 – Glacier Creek Middle School: GCMS will also be implementing active classroom tools, like stability balls, pedals for seated desks, and balance boards and discs.
      • Submitted by: Kalise Horst
    • $1600 – Marshall Elementary: Marshall is purchasing a new, high tech pedometer system to help kids track their movement and steps all day long, and see their results immediately. We all can identify with the motivation that comes from achieving your health goals, and this will introduce kids to the concept of daily movement.
      • Submitted by: Stefanie Pingel
    • $1,600 – MMSD: We will be helping all of Madison’s elementary schools with their rollerblading unit, an annual favorite unit in phy-ed class, by purchasing new elbow and knee pads.  We hope this will help keep kids safe while moving!
      • Submitted by: Ashley Riley
    • $1,200 – Schenk Elementary: Schenk is in the process of updating and renovating their playground and recess spaces, and we are funding two new rolling carts, stocked with all the coolest recess equipment kids would want!
      • Submitted by: Sara Lazenby and Amanda Hammat