Remember a year ago when we partnered with the team at Sagacious Consultants to help raise additional funds for our adopted schools?

Let me catch you up – last year’s winners, Sandburg Elementary, were thrilled with the additional support they received to help purchase some new soccer goals for their playground.  Sagacious was ecstatic to help support a local cause that promotes health for kids.  And of course, we were honored to play matchmaker.

So, thanks to the generosity of the Sagacious team, we decided to partner up again this year!

Every year, we select five new schools who will receive 5% of our youth entry fee revenue as a way to supplement health and fitness efforts.  These schools are largely selected based on financial need, which is a large determinant in health outcomes, and each school commits to sending at least ten kids to our events.

Our 2014 schools are:

1. Midvale Elementary

2. Mendota Elementary

3. Emerson Elementary

4. Leopold Elementary

5. O’Keeffe Middle School

All five schools submitted proposals for how they’d like to promote health and fitness at their school, and all of them had extremely creative and worthwhile ideas.

Then, on Sunday, September 14th, the customers and clients of Sagacious got together at a networking event on State Street and voted on the proposal they liked best.  It was a close-fought battle, but in the end, the winners emerged victorious…

Congratulations MIDVALE ELEMENTARY!  Midvale edged out Mendota by two votes, and will receive an additional $1,000 to help support a swimming unit for their students.  Sagacious is proud to support Tri 4 Schools efforts to help get all kids healthy and active, and even partnered with Cooper’s Tavern in Madison to donate $500 from sales of the Sagacious Stag signature beverage during the week of the Epic User’s Group Meeting.