The Grants 4 Schools program (formerly the Tri 4 Schools’ Wellness Grants program) was created to support school initiatives that promote the physical and/or mental well-being of children in Dane County elementary and middle schools (ages 3-14.)

  • This year, Grants 4 Schools is accepting applications for grant requests between $500-$3000 that support school based wellness initiatives.
  • All applications addressing wellness initiatives for school and after school programs are welcome from the following within Dane County:
  • School personnel
  • Student groups (with an identified adult school-based mentor)
  • Community members (with an identified school-based partner)
  • Priority will be placed on proposals that:
  • Promote engagement of underrepresented populations
  • Propose an initiative that can be feasibly accomplished with the requested funding
  • Identify potential outcomes that can be measured & are willing to work with Tri 4 School mentors to track and record those outcomes
  • Offer strategies that support sustainability for the proposed initiative
  • Commit to providing a project summary including outcomes and photos/videos


Grant Details

     Who can apply?

    • School personnel
    • Student groups (with an identified school-based mentor)
    • Community members in Dane County (with an identified
      school-based partner)

    How to apply?

    Application Requirements

    • All applications will be accepted from August 28-October 2, 2023.
    • All applications must include a project budget.
    • Each application must identify one contact person for the project and should be approved by school personnel before submission.
    • Funds must be used for a project that will be completed BEFORE September 1, 2024
    • Grant awardees are required to do the following: (1) authorize and grant Tri 4 Schools, its subsidiaries, and affiliated entities full permission to utilize any and all grant materials (including your application, reports, photos, and testimonials) for any legitimate purpose; (2) submit a brief progress report by 5/1/2024 or whenever the project is completed including consented pictures and testimonials. You will be assigned a representative from our Grants Committee who will communicate with you on these reports; (3) Make an effort to attend the Tri 4 Schools’ Honors Night on Tuesday, November 14th at the Forward Club at Breese Stevens.

    Some examples of winning grant proposals:

    • Waunakee Elementary Schools: Waunakee purchased a railyard fitness system for all three of their elementary schools, which is inclusive of students of all abilities and fitness levels.
    • Glacier Creek Middle School: GCMS implemented active classroom tools, like stability balls, pedals for seated desks, and balance boards and discs.
    • Marshall Elementary: Marshall purchased a new, high tech pedometer system to help kids track their movement and steps all day long, and see their results immediately. We all can identify with the motivation that comes from achieving your health goals, and this will introduce kids to the concept of daily movement.
    • MMSD: We helped all of Madison’s elementary schools with their rollerblading unit, an annual favorite unit in phy-ed class, by purchasing new elbow and knee pads.  We hope this will help keep kids safe while moving!
    • Schenk Elementary: Schenk is in the process of updating and renovating their playground and recess spaces, and we funded two new rolling carts, stocked with all the coolest recess equipment kids would want!
    • Westside Elementary: Westside implemented mindfulness curriculum and equipment into all of their classrooms, helping their students (many of whom come from high-stress environments and situations) focus, reduce stress, and self regulate for optimal classroom learning.

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