This past fall, we changed up our school distribution strategy, and allotted 25% of our entry fee revenue to fund large-scale projects in our local schools.  Our goals were to not only make a greater impact on the health of our kids, but also to develop deeper relationships with our city’s schools.

Two months later, we wanted to provide an update on how things are going with some of our projects, so you can see for yourself the value of participating in our events, supporting our mission, and most importantly, investing in our local schools.

Railyard Fitness System: Waunakee Elementary Schools

The Railyard system has been in use since January 1st.  It has been a great addition to the PE curriculum at all three schools.  Last Friday night at Waunakee Field House, the PE staff had a Family Fun Fitness Night and the Railyard was part of the obstacle course.  Many kids moved on the Railyard that night and had a great time doing so.  It will also be used at the end of the month for the stunts and tumbling units.

tri 4 schools grant photo 1


Pedometer Implementation: Marshall Elementary

Marshall’s PE staff were able to buy a set of 36 pedometers, which allow for quick upload of data, to let kids know how active they were during PE class and throughout the day.  This set has allowed their staff to save eight hours of data entry each week, and help demonstrate the impact of movement and health to their students.  At a recent school event, kids demonstrated how the pedometers work to their parents, and everyone was amazed at the lessons the kids have learned.

PE teacher Stefanie says “Thank you for our pedometer set!  They are a small miracle and work fantastically.  The kids love them and so do we.”

Mindful Mornings Project: Westside Elementary – Submitted by Stacy Darga, Administrative Office

We are so blessed to have received the grant to allow our school to bring yoga and mindfulness to our school, families and even our SP community.  Mindfulness has truly been incorporated not only during the school day, with having mindful mornings, a new mindfulness room, staff taking yoga classes after school and teaching it to students during the school day, to also offering free yoga classes to the community here on Tuesday nights!  We even had yoga instructors from area studios come in and offer yoga to families at our January Family Fun Night.

Attached are pictures of our school being mindful.   We were featured in our local newspaper and on Channel 3000 back in November for bringing mindfulness to our school.  Our principal, Nikki Burke, is also hoping to teach a class to staff at other schools in SP so that they too, can bring mindfulness to their school.

We have seen a huge difference in our school environment – everyone is much more calm and we have all learned to just breathe :).

Check out the pictures of our mindful mornings and the new mindfulness room.


westside mindfulness tri 4 schools

Revamped Recess: Schenk Elementary

Schenk has modified their original strategy of having two carts stocked with fun sports equipment and outdoor games and is now using their funds to purchase a kit for each classroom instead.  They hope that this will increase the ease of access and use for their students.  Schenk has 25 classrooms, all of which will now have a great set of playground fun!