Greetings fans and followers!

While no one wants to think about 2015 yet (after all, we haven’t even embarked on the holiday season!), we’ve been working on next year for the last six months.  One of the things we’re most excited about is our FOUR new board members.  I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce you to these fantastic people so you can see what great additions they will be and how they’re going to continue to help us take Tri 4 Schools to the next level.

Dave Armstrong

dave armstrong





By day, Dave works as an economist, but he’s also an Ironman finisher, and most importantly, a father to Addie, who is one of our most tenured participants.  We’re excited for the perspective he’ll be able to bring to our board as a parent of an elementary-aged child who is involved in all sorts of activities, and an adult who is doing a great job balancing and modeling a healthy lifestyle for his child.


Mike Foley

mike foley





Mike is an Emergency Medicine physician who works with many of our local hospitals.  He also donates his time to helping at the Ironman every year.  His daughter is a middle-schooler who has been very active in our events and has become a strong swimmer over the last few years as well!  He and his wife are great advocates for Tri 4 Schools, and their community ties and connections within the Middleton-Cross Plains school district will be extremely helpful as we expand our Exercise to Achievement program.


Cindy Heidke

cindy heidke










Is there anyone that Cindy doesn’t know?  Cindy works in administration at UW Hospital, but has a background in accounting, event management, and serves as a coach for Weight Watchers.  She’s extremely active in the local running community, and we’re ecstatic that her amazing networking and social skills will help raise awareness of Tri 4 Schools here in Madison.


Dano Tyler

dano tyler





The coolest thing about Dano is that he believes that every aspect of his life, whether it’s work, athletics, or philanthropy, are all related and enhance each other.  Or, it could be that he is an amazing singer (you probably heard him sing the National Anthem at Ironman or any other local race).  Or, it could be that he regularly puts his belief of supporting kids, health, and schools into action.  We can’t wait to have Dano’s perspective on our board on a variety of issues, and we have no doubt he’ll lead us down the right path.