Happy Fall!


It’s my favorite time of year…football is back, the weather is finally tolerable (I am NOT a fan of heat and humidity), and tons of yummy fruits and vegetables are ripe for the eating.  And even though I’m no longer a student, I always get a twinge of excitement for the start of the school year – something about fresh notebooks, new backpacks, and possibilities for the upcoming year always inspire and motivate me to aim a little higher.

As an adult and the founder of a non-profit organization, I’m taking that fuel and pouring it in to Tri 4 Schools to help set us up for a great year (and more) of success.  Here are some of the exciting things going on “behind the scenes:”

  • We are recruiting more board members who will help round out our skill set
  • Our current board has split into two committees – fundraising and outreach.  These are the two biggest arteries for a successful and sustainable non-profit, and by working in smaller focus groups where we feel passionate, we’ll be able to tackle more projects and help secure our future.
  • This summer we worked on two large projects with the help of a certain expert who donated a large amount of her time (my Mom!) because she cares about the mission…and me: 
    • Starting Blocks: a guide for anyone who wants to bring a Tri 4 Schools event to their community with tons of useful tips, tools, and information to host a successful event.  We are treating this as an affiliate program that will allow us to begin expanding to new cities and states!
    • Strategic Plan: a strategic plan should be a living document that helps focus and prioritize your organization’s efforts.  We are big enough that we need to carefully examine where we want to be in one, two, and three years down the road.  So, we brainstormed as a board and set goals for the next three years that we will share with you, our faithful followers, as the Fall continues.
  • We are working with SIX Madison Metropolitan School District schools to pilot an after-school training program in the spring of 2014.  The six schools are:
    • Sherman Middle School
    • Whitehorse Middle School
    • Glendale Elementary School
    • Lake View Elementary School
    • Lindbergh Elementary School
    • Van Hise Elementary School

On top of that, we’re preparing for the final two events of the year…the Kids Roo Run at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison on September 29th (held in conjunction with the Zoo Run Run) and our Halloween Mud Run on October 26th.

It’s going to be quite a season…are YOU ready?

With deepest thanks,