This week on Tri 4 Schools blog, we would like to thank one of our newest board members, Charlene.

From the first time we met Charlene it was very clear that she was dedicated to bettering the education of children in schools, loves spending time with family, and driven towards fitness. Charlene is the prime example of all the values that we, Tri 4 Schools, exhibit through our work.

 In the life of her career, Charlene, as she says, has done almost everything imaginable in the education system. She has taught for many years, was superintendent for a while, and many more roles related to education. Charlene’s vast experiences in schools and her many years of education will help Tri 4 Schools make a bigger impact. We hope that she will shower us with her knowledge on the inner workings of schools with  the intent to understand how to effectively help the fitness and lunch programs in the schools. Charlene will definitely help Tri 4 Schools reach more students and help us grow into a bigger, better organization.

Not only has she spent her life changing the lives of students, Charlene also loves being with her family. Like many people, she has recently found that one of the best ways to bond with her family is through completing races. In the past few years, her family has completed many races together. Charlene and her husband finished a race together and so did her and one of her daughters. Some of the races Charlene has finished were triathlons, just like the ones we host for kids. She understands and appreciates the importance and hard work of training for a triathlon. She also enjoys spending time with her family outside of races as well. 

Charlene’s commitment to family, fitness, and children has made her a great board member and we are very excited to have her part of the Tri 4 Schools team!