Ever wonder what it’s like to be an intern with a non-profit like ours? We love helping students learn the ropes of our organization and the non-profit scene, and would like to introduce you to Bri, our Spring intern, who did a fantastic job!  Want to get involved this summer or fall? Contact us here.

Hello everyone, my name is Bri. I just finished up a semester as an intern for Tri 4 Schools, and I can honestly say it was one of the most insightful and rewarding opportunities I have had thus far! As a recent grad from Madison College with a degree in Recreation Management, I am very new to the field. Working with Katie Hensel and the rest of the volunteers and staff was a great introduction into the industry, and I look forward to working with all of them in the future. She is very passionate about this organization, and the attitude and energy she brings to the table is truly inspiring!  I was first introduced to T4S this past fall in one of my program courses, and contacted Katie to meet for an interview project. After talking with her for about an hour, I fell in love with the organization and its mission and wanted to get involved.

Now a little bit about me: I have been a softball player all my life. This means that running, especially triathlon distance running, is something I don’t imagine myself doing. I don’t think I have ever ran more than 4 consecutive miles. So believe me, it wasn’t my passion for triathlons that got me involved. What did spark my interest was the opportunity it gives kids to learn how to live active, healthy lifestyles, and have fun at the same time!

One of the most memorable moments I had while working with T4S was when I volunteered with one of the after school programs. My goal was to be able to attend these regularly and work closely with the kids, but with a full class load and a college sport, time just didn’t allow it. So the one time I was able to attend an Exercise to Achievement session at Lindbergh Elementary, I was pretty excited. The lesson plan for the day was to run a mile around the make-shift track and then bike a few laps. For some of these kids, it was their first time on a bike. As I was walking around, not really sure what to do, I saw one little girl, Shannon, walking around the track so I decided to join her on her last lap and see if I could motivate her to run a little bit. Toward the end she did, and she finished her lap out at a full sprint, and then we headed over to get her a bike. I came to find out that she had never learned to ride a bike. After trying to get going for a little bit and failing (she was convinced she could it), we decided it would be best to go over to the smaller, paved practice area and start with the basics. It took a little bit to get the whole balance thing figured out, but after a while she was starting to catch on. She was cruising around in circles and grinning the whole time because she could do it! I helped teach this little girl how to ride a bike and that was enough to make this whole experience worth it.

Even though I wasn’t directly working with the kids for the majority of my internship, I still learned some pretty important things. Without all the behind the scenes work that I spent most of my time doing, these kids and volunteers wouldn’t even have the chance for experiences like mine. While it’s not always as glamorous, I really got to see the importance of it. During my time with T4S I was given many great opportunities and met so many wonderful people. I am forever grateful for this experience and hope to work with Katie and the rest of the crew in the future.

Congratulations on your graduation, Bri! Please come back and see us in the future!