Well, another 2014 event is in the books!  We’re so grateful to the 800 kids and families that participated in our Spring Mud Run on May 17th, as you helped us set yet ANOTHER attendance record.  It was also a record-setting day for us – we raised nearly $14,000 for school health programs, and crossed the $100,000 mark for funds donated to schools.

There’s no way we could put on an event like this without the amazing support we receive from Race Day Events LLC.  They allow us to share costs and donate a lot of their services and equipment because they believe in our mission and supporting the local community.  In addition, they contributed $20 for every volunteer we recruited, and will give back 10% of the profits from the adult events to Tri 4 Schools.  They are one of our most loyal supporters and biggest reasons for our success thus far.  Thank you, RDE team!

As with any event, there are things that went well and things that could have gone better.  So, if you were a part of the day in any way, we encourage you to take out post-race survey and let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly (muddy?).  We do our best to incorporate changes and feedback so we can keep improving our events.

We’d like to extend a huge congratulations to our top five Fittest Schools for the Mud Run.  These schools had the highest number of participating athletes, and our Fittest School will receive a trophy for their efforts in promoting health and fitness at their school:


1. Lincoln Elementary

52 kids

2. Eagle School

51 kids

3. Whitehorse Middle School

46 kids

4. Mendota Elementary

44 kids

5. Van Hise Elementary

43 kids


Finally, I really hope that some of our parents out there took advantage of the new opportunity to run with their kids in the 5k or 1/3 mile courses.  We’re going to try and find a way to allow parents to run with kids in all three courses, but I think this was a big addition from last year.  As a parent, one of the primary concerns I have is setting a good example for a healthy lifestyle for my daughter.  I want to be a role model for her and help instill healthy habits while she is young so can grow up knowing how to take care of her body.  So, parents, our kids are watching us – let’s get out and be healthy and active like them!  Walk the walk, set the stage, and give them the gift of healthy parents who can keep up with them (every once in awhile, anyway!).


Now, on to our first ever Summer Shindig on July 15th!  We hope you’ll join us in this appreciation event and awards night to celebrate four years of Tri 4 Schools!

Photo Credit: B. Marse