My husband and I welcomed our first child this November…a beautiful, healthy girl named Riley Rose.  I won’t fill this with everything I’ve learned over the past twelve weeks, but there’s something I have to share with you all.  Riley loves a morning nap.  She usually eats between 4-5am, and then naps until about 9am.  This is awesome for me, since I can get a long period of uninterrupted work time (and more often than not, an extra hour of sleep and a relaxed cup of coffee).  However, this makes our day officially start around 10am.  I was thinking about Tri 4 Schools today (like I do every day), and how hard it would be to get Riley up for a race that started at 8:30am!  When she is sleeping I’m so glad she’s sleeping that the last thing I can think about doing is waking her up and getting her to a triathlon!

I have SO much respect for all of the parents who got their kids to our race on August 20th, and for all the parents who will be doing just that this summer at our two triathlons.  If you spot me on race day, please let me know any tips you have for me when the time comes!

It should be noted, however, that for our Middleton race (we’re still finalizing who will go first for the Waunakee race), we will be starting with our oldest kids first this year.  So parents of 3-6 year-olds: you get a bit of a break!  The reason for the change is due to two things: 1. Many parents asked for it, saying that the older kids often had conflicts in the afternoon and waiting to go until last was difficult; 2. We are trying to limit the amount of time the roads are closed in the Middleton neighborhood.  By having the oldest kids first, we use the most amount of streets earlier and will be done quicker.  All participants will get an estimated start time so you know when to arrive and can avoid standing around.

Please let me know your thoughts if you have any suggestions or other feedback – we are always trying to get better!

I couldn’t resist doing the Mommy thing – here is a picture of my little future triathlete!