Our family is growing this year, and we’d like you to meet Katie Brasel, our new Events Coordinator.  Katie will be working hard on making sure our triathlons, mud run, and fun runs are safe, fun, and welcoming experiences for our participants.  Let’s learn a little more about Katie and what she’s looking forward to as she joins the team.

Hi, everyone! My name is Katie Brasel, and I am thrilled to be joining the Tri 4 Schools team as the Events Coordinator! I am a proud graduate of University of Wisconsin and have lived in Madison for the past 18 years. I met my husband, Cory, here in Madison, and although he is from northern Minnesota, I have managed to convert him into a Badger fan. Since compromise is key in any marriage, I do now say, “Go Twins!”, but Packers vs. Vikings is still an open debate. 🙂 We have two children, Eli and Evelyn. Eli is in kindergarten this year, and Evelyn is getting ready for preschool in the fall. As a family, we enjoy camping, traveling, and biking, and this winter we’ve been logging a lot of time at local ice rinks, with both kids learning how to ice skate.

Outside of my professional interests, I am passionate about theatre, both as an audience member and as a stage manager. I have been known to belt out a musical show tune or two, but only in the privacy of my car (with the windows rolled up!). I am also interested in baking and cooking, and especially enjoy incorporating local and seasonal ingredients into meals. Eli and Evelyn are my helpers in our family garden each season as we try out a few new vegetables and herbs. I enjoy reading, and will occasionally stay up later than I probably should to finish a good book.

I first became aware of Tri 4 Schools as an admirer from afar, and then became involved as a volunteer. I knew Katie Hensel from working together on projects at a previous employer. When I ran into her at the Dane County Farmers Market one fine Saturday morning, I mentioned how inspired and impressed I was by what she was accomplishing through Tri 4 Schools and asked if she needed any volunteers at events.  From there, I quickly found myself cheering wildly on the run course at the Waunakee triathlon, helping with the planning for the Summer Shindig, and joining Katie on summer evenings to prepare the kids’ goodie bags for various events.

As Tri 4 Schools continues to grow, I am honored to have the opportunity to be more involved in the 2016 season! As I get started in this role, I am most looking forward to helping to provide a fun and encouraging experience for kids and supporting a healthy and active lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting many of you at events this year!