We are so fortunate to have a local university with incredibly talented students.  Meet Allen and Brianna, our two summer interns for 2015, and be sure to say hi if you see them at one of our summer programs or events!

Allen Berman

Allen photo

Hello everyone! My name is Allen Berman, I am currently 20 years old at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and am majoring in communications. All of my life I have been involved with activities that keep you outdoors or keep you moving. I am an avid outdoorsman who loves to travel, explore the world, camp, and fish. Additionally I love working out, playing sports, and hope one day to be a certified personal trainer. I have played a wide variety of sports in my day ranging from intermural volleyball, football, softball, and all the way up to lacrosse and the college level. My passion is not only athletics but mainly just to be happy and make others happy. So let’s all dream big together and create a brighter vision for the future!

I got involved with Tri 4 Schools for numerous reasons, but the main reason is because Tri 4 Schools is absolutely amazing. After coaching several YMCA camps for football and lacrosse I could truly see how athletics made these kids happy. Not only to learn and play a sport, but to work with others peers for a common goal. As it is my dream to be a personal trainer I believe every step you make towards progress will only make you succeed as long as you keep moving. Tri 4 Schools is an amazing way for kids to look back and smile at what they have accomplished. Whether it was one small triathlon or four, every step is a work in progress not only for the success of that child, but for all the friends and family of the child.

This summer I plan to look back and smile with amazement as I know it will be the best summer yet. This summer my primary goal is to see all of your smiling faces at the finish line! I wish to high five you as you cross that line to create the memories of accomplishing something great and with that accomplishment prosper to be more than great. It is my dream this summer not just push one day of physical activity in lives of others but to encourage a healthy life style change of those who are willing. It is this summer that I know is going to be awesome! And I have only the community who supports Tri 4 Schools to thank, so thank you!

Brianna Stelzer

brianna intro

Hi. I am Brianna Stelzer. I am from Minnesota, although I have lived in Texas the majority of my life, so, yes, I am a proud Texan. Some of my favorite things include family, friends, my dog named Tyra, coffee, Chipotle, soccer, and anything outdoors. I attend the University of Wisconsin, where I am majoring in communication disorders. I am entering my senior year this next fall, which is very sad, yet exciting all at the same time. I play on the Wisconsin women’s soccer team here, and we ended up winning the Big Ten Tournament last season. I love being around kids because not only do they keep me young and energetic, but they are adorable and constantly show an interest in learning.

I was in a career class this last spring, where we were required to go to the career fair, so I looked up all the businesses and organizations that were going to be there. I came across Tri 4 Schools and looked into it a little more. Once I learned about the organization, I was ecstatic. I never thought I would find something where I could combine all my favorite hobbies into one: kids, nutrition, and fitness. I am very eager to get more involved in Tri 4 Schools organization and make a difference in the kids’ and their parents’ lives. One thing I am looking forward to this summer, in particular, is the after school program, where I will be able to interact with the kids, and they will have a chance to participate in activities dealing with fitness, nutrition, and other fitness accommodations for people with disabilities.