Part four of our “Meet the Board” series concludes with our final new board member for 2015, Dr. Mike Foley. Mike is a parent of one of our most tenured athletes, an avid volunteer, and emergency medicine physician. He’s also extremely passionate about our mission, and we’re glad to have him on our team!


Tell us a bit about you.

I grew up in Janesville, WI, went to college at Augustana College, Medical School at UW Madison, and did an Emergency Medicine residency at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN.  I came back to Madison in 1999 and currently work at St. Mary’s Hospital as an emergency physician.  I have a wonderful family.  I met my wife Jill in college and we have been married for 18 years.  We have a 12 year-old daughter Sarah and a labrador retriever named Bella.

I have always been interested in athletics and staying active.  I was mainly on team sports and played college baseball.  I have done many triathlons, including a half-ironman and have always been amazed by the triathlon and running communities.  We are lucky here in Madison to be surrounded be so many athletes and athletically influential people.


How did you come to be involved with Tri 4 Schools?

My daughter Sarah has done most of the events with Tri 4 Schools.  It is truly special for me to see the excitement she has prior to the events and the sense of accomplishment afterwards.  These events provide a wonderful opportunity for children to feel proud about being active and healthy.  When kids toe the line, they are all equal.  They have as much opportunity for success as anyone else.  The more kids can experience this feeling, the better our society will become.  I see Tri 4 Schools as a way to improve the lifestyle of our community.


What made you want to be a board member?

I have a strong belief that you should work hard, give back and surround yourself with great people.  I wanted to volunteer at something that can influence people for a lifetime.  Seeing young kids do these events is joyful and contagious.  As a board member, I hope to inspire kids/families to stay active, sets goals and dream big.  Additionally, I was able to witness the passion of Katie Hensel as she coordinated each event on race day.  I told myself “I want a piece of that passion” so that I can pay it forward.


What are you most excited about Tri 4 Schools in 2015?

I plan on committing myself to making the events the best experience.  Race day is a time to amplify that spark in kids.  I hope to provide Tri 4 Schools with energy to become an even stronger organization, fulfilling the mission to keep kids active.  I hope that we continue to provide kids with the opportunity to stay active and take responsibility for a healthy, active lifestyle.