We are always on the lookout for board members who can help us make our organization better each year. We are thrilled to welcome Dave Armstrong, a triathlete and parent of one of our athletes (the muddy kid pictured here!), to the Board of Directors! Dave’s story is inspiring and we are grateful for his contributions to our team.


Tell us a bit about you – your hometown, family, and your interests/hobbies.

I grew up outside of Chicago in Oak Park, and came to Madison in 1988 to attend UW-Madison, where a long line of relatives are alumni, and my grandfather was a professor.  I’ve been living here ever since.  I’ve always been into sports and working out, and over the years I’ve gradually transitioned from playing team sports (hockey, baseball/softball, volleyball, and others) to participating in individual sports, especially running and cycling.  I had always been curious about triathlon in particular, despite having virtually no swimming experience.  One day I decided it was time to stop making excuses, and so I signed up for the Capitol View sprint tri.  That day (a Wednesday), I jumped in the gym pool I had been ignoring for years, and began flailing away.  I did the same thing on Thursday.  On Friday I bought a wetsuit on Craigslist, and ventured out into Lake Mendota.  On Saturday morning, I did the race.  I was hooked immediately, and have been locked in swim/bike/run mode ever since.


How did you come to be involved with Tri 4 Schools? 

My daughter has been doing Tri 4 Schools events since the beginning.  Her first ever triathlon was also T4S’s first triathlon, 2011 in Middleton.  She had a blast, and I was thrilled, not only for her sake, but for the opportunity and experience all of the kids had that day.  We’ve been back for several more races since then.


What made you want to be a board member?

In a general sense, it’s the desire to give back.  We know our kids are formed in large part by their life experiences; ensuring those life experiences are positive ones requires great teachers, coaches, mentors, organizers, role models, and, of course, volunteers.  I was blessed to have lots of great folks in these roles when I was younger, and now I’m hoping to pay it forward.  I was drawn to Tri 4 Schools specifically because I believe in the mission, and I’ve seen firsthand the impact the races have on kids.  It’s pretty awesome and inspiring.


What are you most excited about for Tri 4 Schools in 2015?

Having a larger stake in an organization with such a great purpose is exciting.  I look forward to getting a “behind the scenes” view of how Tri 4 Schools works, and to exploring how I can best contribute as we advance the mission to promote healthy and active lifestyles for our kids.