We have an awesome group of board members, and earlier this spring, our board got even more awesome with the addition to Krista Ledbetter.  She’s a marketing guru, a great writer, social media expert, running extraordinaire (Boston qualifier as of June 2014!) and could probably be a successful comedian as well.  She keeps us all laughing and motivated, and we’re grateful for her presence and involvement on our Board of Directors.

You can follow Krista on her blog or on Twitter @krittabug

1. Tell us a bit about you – your hometown, family, and your interests/hobbies.
I’m a lifelong Wisconsinite, born in raised in Beloit. Spent some time in Milwaukee and Oshkosh for college and careers, but have gladly called Madison home for nearly six years. I absolutely love it here. When I’m not working, I can most likely be found running, binge-watching my favorite TV shows with my cats, painting my nails, enjoying time with my boyfriend, or some random combination of these things, always. I will also tweet about them. Social media is a pretty big hobby that turned into a job, and running is my number one passion, or at least in a close tie with my cats, surely.
2. How did you come to be involved with Tri 4 Schools?
The active community in Madison is very large and also very well-connected. A friend of mine, who knows I’m both a runner and in the marketing world, put me in touch with the group at a time they were looking for a potential new board member. Admittedly, I knew very little about Tri 4 Schools or its mission, but quickly became smitten with its goals and the idea of helping kids in our community.
3. What made you want to be a board member?
Meeting Katie sold me on the decision. I was blown away by her passion for the cause and how closely the group works together to make it happen. It’s hard to not want to be a part of that, especially when you’re not only helping kids, but you’re helping them to be active, which is important in my own life, too.
4. What are you most excited about for Tri 4 Schools in 2014?
I’m excited to be a part of it. I’ve been behind the scenes for just a short time, so it’ll be great to see the ideas and plans come to life!