This week is part two of our Athlete of the Year introductions for 2015, and we are so honored to welcome Josh Hastings as our male athlete of the year.  Josh has an amazing background and story, but he also happens to be one of our most devoted and loyal Tri 4 Schools parents!  You may have seen Josh’s amazing and adorable daughter, Jocelyn, as our transition demonstrator at this year’s Waunakee triathlon, and she will reprise her role this year as well.

Let’s meet Josh and give him a proper Tri 4 Schools welcome.

A little bit about me

I arrived in Wisconsin in 2001 after a tour in the Marine Corps. I am originally from a small town in Indiana. I moved to Madison in 2006. My friends would describe me as an outdoorsy person. Hiking, biking, camping and canoeing make up a typical weekend in the summer for my family and I.  I am also a computer geek. I am the Infrastructure Services Manager at Rural Mutual Insurance.
I am blessed with two daughters, Jocelyn and Olivia. Last year Jocelyn was named one of the Athletes of the Year for her dedication to Tri 4 Schools events. Every year we look forward to all the events. Olivia turned 10 months last week. She will have a whole family support system when it’s her turn to participate.
My Triathlon History

I started participating in triathlons several years ago. I enjoy working out, swimming, biking and running (it’s the last one listed for more then one reason). I have taken part in triathlons in Kettle Moraine, Madison, Wisconsin Dells and Chicago.
While I have never completed a Marathon, I have hiked the same mileage many times in one day. I love obstacle races. Tough Mudders, Gladiator Run, Warrior Dash and local Mud Runs are all things I look forward to each year.
Why I signed up for the Ironman

In 2011, I registered for the Ironman.  Wile training for the event, I injured my back which set me back many months in training. I made the hard decision not participate that year. I look forward to the promise I made to myself that I will do this and have fun while I do. Watching my daughter give all she can at her events has motivated me to reach down and give all I can back to her.
I have been volunteering for this event for a couple years. Last year I was the Overall Motor Boat Captain. A year has never passed that I wanted to be competing with them. I’m very exciting and nervous for that.
Why I chose to partner with Tri 4 Schools

On the first day I heard about Tri 4 Schools, I knew that I had to support it. Getting kids outside to be more active is key to building self-confidence, meeting new people and staying healthy. After learning more about the program and how 100% of all race entry fees go back to the schools these great kids attend, I was hooked! Jocelyn and I have been to almost every event and will continue to make this a family tradition.
What I am most looking forward to

I am looking forward to talking directly to the parents and kids about the great events Tri 4 Schools puts on. I am excited to tell more people about the organization, the volunteers, and all the fun they are going to have. It can be scary to jump into a program if you don’t have all the answers.
I am also looking forward to challenging myself. Training with the great group at Madison Multisport has really pushed me. I look forward to learning more about how to become a better athlete and telling others how I did it.

What do I think my biggest challenge will be?

Time Management will be very hard for me. I will be challenged to balancing family, work, and friends in different ways then I am used to. I will also be challenged to blog my time and effort for the whole world! That is definitely something that will take some getting used to.
I am very excited to support Tri 4 Schools!