Hi Tri 4 Schools community!

The last month has brought a lot of progress and changes to T4S, but they are very welcome changes!  The biggest step was getting our race approved by the Middleton City Council on March 15.  That allowed us to open our registration on March 16, and switch our focus to two other important tasks: finding kids and finding sponsors.

We are working with a great sponsor, Top Promotions, to help us create promotional materials to distribute to kids in the Middleton, Madison, and Verona school districts.  We also have a talented graphic designer, Julie, who is creating informational postcards and flyers to hand out to parents and to local businesses.  We hope to complete this over the next few weeks and then start getting out to schools and generating excitement about the race!  If you have any creative ideas or want to help us reach out to your school, email katie@tri4schools.org and we’ll get cracking!

We have also been working on finding “sponsors” for our race, and there’s a reason there have quotations around the word sponsor.  We like to view sponsors as partners in our event rather than just donors.  We want to find partners who support our cause and who believe they can make a difference for families and kids in the local community by teaming up with us financially or through other donations of food, scholarships for kids in need, and other logistics that are needed to put on a race.  We’ve had great success so far, but are still short of reaching our goal for the race.  If you know of a good fit for us, please use the email address above and we will reach out to them right away.

Now all we need is for the weather to get warm for kids to get out and start training!  My niece is planning on competing in the race and is already out on her bike!

Stay healthy!