Finding an active AND interactive place for a birthday party was easier than I thought.

Last year, my daughter turned three, and her birthday was just four days before my son’s due date.  Needless to say, I needed a party that didn’t require much planning and “race directing,” just in case our little guy decided to show up early.  Riley has been taking classes at The Little Gym in Middleton since she was six months old, so we decided to host her birthday party there and invited 16 of her closest friends.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured at the very least, they would get to run, jump, bounce, and run some more, and then eat cake.  What kid wouldn’t enjoy that?
What I actually experienced was way more than I could have ever expected.  All the kids were treated to an hour of full-on activity, from tumbling games to songs and dancing that definitely fulfilled the “Play 60” requirement for the day.  I was so happy with her party experience at the Little Gym and the attentiveness of her instructor, and after attending many other kids parties over the next year, I can confidently say that the party at The Little Gym was my favorite.
Now it’s time to start planning her party for this year.  Since we now have two kids with birthdays that are just two days apart, I’m looking for something fun that won’t require me spending hours on Pinterest (I fully admit that I am NOT that mom who makes cute favors and party decorations…it wouldn’t be pretty).  At first, I thought that I should go somewhere else this year, since we CAN’T have a party at the same place two years in a row…right?
Well, after talking with Cindy Joers, owner of The Little Gym Middleton and Fitchburg, she informed me that they now have three new themed birthday parties – princess, pirate, and superhero.  Sold.  The toughest thing I have to choose now is between princess (which would probably be her favorite, but not sure about all her boy guests) and superhero.  I’m leaning towards superheroes, which includes a scavenger hunt for kryptonite around the gym!
The other thing I’m excited about is the option to do a project or craft if you choose to not open presents at the party.  I’m not big on birthday presents for kids anyway (frankly, I don’t have room for all those toys), I think we might choose that.
So, we’ll be dusting off Riley’s superhero cape for her party this year and getting ready for another great bash at The Little Gym.  She’s already calling it “Super Hero Riley’s Special Day.”

Where have you hosted your child’s party?  What did you like?  Anything that didn’t go well?  We’d love to hear from you, and thanks again to The Little Gym of Middleton and Fitchburg for supporting Tri 4 Schools since 2011.