Junior Racing Team

Is your child ready for the next step in their triathlon journey? Want to know what comes after the Long Course?  Then the Junior Racing Team is for you. 

Our 2019 program is canceled due to low enrollment. For more information or inquiries, please contact Katie Hensel at katie@tri4schools.org. Thank you.

Team Pricing and Information

The Junior Racing Team combines the challenge of advanced youth training with the fun and flexibility your kids (and you!) need in the summer.  The program cost of $300 includes the following:

  • Practices T/R from 3:30-5pm from 6/17 through 8/19
  • Bike & Run Tuesdays in Fitchburg or Verona
  • Swim Thursdays in Middleton (Harbor Athletic Club)
  • Weekly training plan written by our certified youth coaches
  • Mock super sprint triathlon and celebration day at the end of the program
  • USA Triathlon youth membership and WI annual trail pass
  • Team Hat, Water Bottle, and T-Shirt

If Your Child…

  • Can swim 500 yards in 15 minutes or less
  • Can complete the long distance of our youth triathlons

Then give this program a tri!


Not Quite Ready?

Then consider joining our Training Team program instead.  This program helps kids training for any distance of our youth triathlons.

You can learn more on our Training Team page.

Thank you to our incredible partners for supporting the Tri 4 Schools Training Team

Are you ready to have a happy, healthy, and confident kid?

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