Hello Tri 4 School Fans!

At the beginning of the year, the executive director, Katie, had me introduce myself and let you all know that she had an intern for the spring schools semester. I am happy to say that I finished my requirements for course credit and I owe it all to you! If you had not supported Katie and her idea of promoting healthier lifestyles, then I would not have gained such an amazing experience.

This past semester I have learned so many new things from Katie, the board members, and all of the captains at the Waunakee Race this last weekend. You are all amazing people and I am so lucky to have met all of you. When I started this internship, I did not realize how much it would have impacted me personally. I gave a presentation today about my experience with Tri 4 Schools and I was so inspired and filled with that…well…let’s just say I had trouble holding it together. I have never seen such an amazing organization in my life! I cannot wait to see and help it grow! Katie has really created an amazing organization that will change the lives of students everywhere.

Katie wanted me to reflect on my experience as the volunteer coordinator for the Waunakee Triathlon. In a nut shell (because I want to post my comments from a profile I did for my class), it was the best experience of my life. I got to meet and interact with amazing people. I had the opportunity to co-boss with such a phenomenal lady Caitlin MacNair. It was a lot of work answering emails, answering the same questions again and again, and organizing over 140 people, but I LOVED every minute of it and cannot wait to do it again for the Middleton Triathlon.

Here are some comments from the Internship Profile I had to complete:

I will never forget…the first wave of students coming out from the swimming pool on race day and seeing them so determined and excited. It was so amazing being able to see all the work you put in for however many months put into action and see the difference you had made by simply making sure all the little details were in place. I will also never forget cheering on the kids and watching as differently-abled athletes competed the race as well. I have done lots of volunteering and internships, but I never felt the way I felt that day on race day.

Favorite part about the internship experience…was getting to be a part of the race. I believe I did my volunteer job so well that everyone was in place and I had time to volunteer along with them. It was great answering all the volunteer emails and seeing how many people were dedicated to this cause. My mentor Katie was probably one of my favorite parts. She always had my education at heart and was stern with me when I desperately needed it. She taught me so much about organizing events and she not only was a great mentor, but has become a really great friend.

Advice for others…this organization is going to grow and offer great experience. The key to making the most of this internship experience is being passionate about what the organization stands for. Tri 4 Schools is so young yet, that it needs people who are passionate about making the events run smoothly and just someone look for an internship to gain experience or credit. They need people who care so much that they have no problem spending their days in front of a computer answering silly questions from volunteers that may not even show up.

Thank you all for a great semester! Looking forward to continuing as a part of the team!