Last night we held the very first board meeting for Tri 4 Schools Inc.  It was a very successful meeting, and I was amazed at the experience and passion of the people gathered around my kitchen table.  It really gave me confidence that we are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of nonprofits!  Here’s a little insight into who is on the board and what they bring to the table (literally):

Vice-President/Secretary – Doug Hensel: Doug is not on the board because he is my husband (although it is fun to give him orders!).  Doug is an experienced project manager with a business degree from UW-Madison.  He works daily in finance, and can manage spreadsheets and access databases like you wouldn’t believe!  He will serve as our financial advisor and reporting guru, and will be my second-in-command for website maintenance.  Additionally, he is a great source of motivation and support, and has helped with many of our start-up tasks.

VP of Sales and Sponsorship – Austin Krueger: Austin now works in cost analysis, but his true passion and energy lie in sales and marketing (in which he holds a degree from UW-Whitewater).  He has worked in both sales and marketing positions in the past.  He is great at forming partnerships and has helped numerous companies expand their sales revenue and marketing campaigns.

VP of Education and Outreach – Jennifer Schultz – Jenn works with elementary school children daily on nutrition education through a program at UW Extension.  She has worked in nonprofits her entire career and has always had an emphasis on childhood nutrition.  She holds a nutrition degree from the University of Texas.  Jenn serves as our expert on school outreach and expanding the nutritional wellness component of our organization.

VP of Policy – Matt Giesfeldt – Matt has experience in many different areas, so it was tricky to come up with his title!  Matt was an elementary school teacher in many different settings for four years before deciding to attend law school.  He will graduate in 2013 from UW-Madison, and will eventually be our legal advisor.  He also has many years of racing experience, and runs his own 5k race annually to benefit the UW Paul C. Carbone Cancer Center.

VP of Events – Paul Stich – Paul is another one of our execs who has knowledge of many worlds.  Before his retirement, he served as a Sales Manager for 20 years, and will work with Austin on the cultivation and future growth of our relationships with sponsors.  He now works at a local middle school in Madison, WI where he started a running program from the ground up.  This extremely motivated triathlete has completed 15 Ironman Triathlons, including the 2004 World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  We will rely on his vast experience of the sport of triathlon and other multisport events (he has also competed in duathlons and running events for over 30 years) to help us continuously improve our races.

Impressive, no?  I am honored to work with these people and have their commitment to our community and the future of our children.