With just one week to go until our end-of-season party, we want to introduce our 2015 Golden Apple Award winners and share their amazing stories.  Join us on November 12th at The Coopers Tavern!

Volunteer: Dr. Caitlin MacNair


Caitlin is a fellow UW triathlon club alumna with our founder, Katie Hensel, and has been at almost every single event since 2011.  Caitlin is excited to have purchased her first home in Madison so that she can continue to help us and watch our organization grow!  She said that she loves watching our athletes cross the finish line and see the sense of accomplishment in their eyes.





Teacher: Jessica Walker

jess walkerJess Walker is a Physical Education teacher at Mendota Elementary in Madison.  Jess has worked tirelessly each year for the last three years to encourage her students to get involved with Tri 4 Schools, earning almost $10,000 for health and wellness initiatives at Mendota!  She is a great example of the dedication that our teachers have towards the health and well-being of their students.

Sponsor: Dean & St. Mary’s


Thanks to this amazing sponsor since 2012, we’ve been able to grow our Exercise to Achievement program and event series, with an emphasis on integrated health for kids.  Not only does the team at Dean & St. Mary’s provide our nutritional content, but they visit our E2A sites and run a nutrition activity that teaches our athletes about sugar content in their cereals and beverages.  We’re so grateful for their involvement and support!

Participant: Sarah Foley

sarah foleyThere are only a few names at the top of our triathlon attendee list – those who have done every triathlon since we started.  One of those two names is Sarah Foley, who has missed only one of our triathlons over the last five years!  We’re so excited to hear Sarah talk about how triathlon, and Tri 4 Schools, has changed her life and helped shape the incredible young woman she is today.