The second annual Haunted Hustle Kids Race is this Saturday, October 24th.  Get ready for a hauntingly good time!

Last year at this time, I was a nervous and excited parent.  My daughter, who was just shy of three years old, was about to attempt her first race ever.  We chose the Haunted Hustle kids race for several reasons:

  1. The race offered a quarter mile distance, which is perfect for very young kids who love to run but burn out quickly.
  2. It took place just before her third birthday, which is the youngest I’d feel comfortable having her safely navigate among hundreds of others.
  3. It was fun!  Kids love Halloween and dressing up, and telling Riley she could wear her Queen Elsa dress out in public was a huge win for both of us.
  4. It benefited Tri 4 Schools.  I love the charity partnership that the Haunted Hustle offers, as it helps us continue to keep kids healthy long after the race is over.
  5. Race swag – the kids all got a glow-in-the-dark t-shirt, race goody bag, and a sparkling pumpkin medal.  Very good deal for $15.

This year, the Haunted Hustle kids race is back, and we have over 325 kids registered (last year we had 260).  Riley will be running the quarter mile again this year, but this year, I think she’ll be able to run the whole thing without Daddy next to her.  The feeling of watching her cross the finish line never gets old, and I’ll be beaming and ready with a huge hug!

Now, the only tough question is…Elsa dress or Cinderella dress?  I think this will be a game-time decision.


Thank you to Capitol View Events and the Haunted Hustle for partnering with Tri 4 Schools on this fun and family-friendly event!  To join in the action on Saturday, register at the Madison Marriott West from 10am-3pm, and don’t miss the kids race at 3:30pm at Keva Sports Center!

web friendly tshirt hh15

Kids Race t-shirt for 2015!

pumpkin medal

Sparkly pumpkin medals are back!