Harbor Athletic Club has been part of the family fitness scene for years in Middleton!  So, we were honored that they wanted to partner with us on our triathlon and our Exercise to Achievement program.  Check out our interview with one of their owners, Melissa.


What are important values you look for in a nonprofit before deciding to partner with them?

Harbor has always supported many non-profits that enhance our community. We believe that it is one of the most important things we can do as a local business. There are many non-profits we enjoy working with, but what gets us most excited are the organizations that specifically focus on physical and mental health.

What inspired you to partner with Tri 4 Schools?

We are humbled and honored to be partnering with Tri 4 Schools. Tri 4 Schools excites us because its focus is getting children moving and challenging them both physically and mentally. Giving children opportunities to move and exercise is more important than ever with changes in physical education at schools. From physically staying healthy in order to prevent future issues, to mentally being able to focus in the classroom, we strongly believe that exercise provides so many benefits. We love serving our members but it is special to be involved in a community wide initiative. It is even more exciting to us that money raised go back to local schools.

What does Harbor Athletic Club view as its most important aspects or values?

Harbor’s mission statement is ‘Serving our community and our members….knowing fitness is a lifelong pursuit.’ We are a locally owned and operated company and we believe we can not only help our members reach their health and wellness goals but also give back to the community when we can. Equipping families to exercise together and grow together is one of the most exciting aspects of our business.

How has the partnership with Tri 4 Schools made a greater impact on the surrounding community?

We hope that this partnership has provided another avenue to get our community moving and allowed some children who wouldn’t have otherwise had an opportunity to experience a triathlon. There is no doubt that Tri 4 Schools is making waves in the community. This partnership impacts the surrounding community by opening conversations about youth health and wellness and starting important habits at a young age all while supporting our local schools.

Talk to us about the Exercise to Achievement program this summer.  How has that experience been for your staff, and the athletes?

This is our second year with the Exercise to Achievement program, and this year’s has been even more fun than the first!  We love the idea of a program that talks about all the different areas of health, and working with the kids has been incredibly inspiring.  Many of the athletes this year are first-time triathletes, so it will be especially great to see them accomplish their goals on race day!

e2a summer 2016 harbor

As you can see, working with Harbor and their team has been an amazingly positive experience, and we’re grateful for their support of our organization and the Middleton triathlon!  Look for Harbor’s staff at the finish line on August 20th!