The holiday shopping craziness doesn’t have to be ALL bad.

I try my best to not do tons of shopping over the Black Friday weekend, and prefer to spend it relaxing with family and starting to decorate our house for Christmas.  However, there are things that we’ve been meaning to purchase over the last year (socks for me, shoes for my son who can now walk!, etc.), and if I’m going to buy something, I might as well do it when some additional good can be done.  Furthermore, as a non-profit employee, I really like that Giving Tuesday is now part of the equation; a nice counterbalance to the onslaught of commercialism.

So, here are my two hints for making this weekend one that involves giving back to your favorite charity (I know mine is Tri 4 Schools!):


  1. Goodshop Sunday – It’s NOT the same thing as Cyber Monday, but if you’ll be near a computer at all on Sunday, November 29th, why not use to buy the things you’re looking for on Cyber Monday?  Goodshop is a shopping portal that puts a percentage of your purchase to the charity of your choice.  On Sunday, for the first time ever, they’ll donate DOUBLE the normal percentage to your charity.  Why is it awesome? It costs you NOTHING. Really. Nothing.  Just make sure you’re signed up to donate to Tri 4 Schools, and you’re set!  Then, click on the name of the store and go about your business as usual.
  2. Giving Tuesday December 1st is the day when charities hope for goals to be reached through the generosity of others.  Many charities do something special that day, and we are no exception.  We’re hoping to sign up eight $50/month donors and 16 $20/month donors in one day, and if we do, we’ll reveal our NEW logo, branding, and 2016 event!  All donors who sign up for a monthly gift in December will receive these cool shirts.

t-shirt newsletter preview

The best part?  PayPal is trying to set a record of making the largest charity donation EVER on December 1st, and all gifts made through the PayPal giving fund (we’re a member) will receive an extra 1% donation from PayPal!  We’re super excited and hope you’ll join us in reaching our year-end goals.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I love starting out the holiday season by reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for.  So, from my family to yours, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, and thank you in advance for sharing your hard-earned dollars with us to help keep kids moving all year long.

With sincerest gratitude,

Katie Hensel and family (photo credit Krakora Studios)