Wow.  What an incredible day.

I spent 10 hours yesterday on various social media accounts, and it was worth every second.  The outpouring of generosity was so overwhelming that several times during the day, I thought, “How am I ever going to thank all of these people?” The answers came to me this morning:

You’re going to thank them by doing EXACTLY what you’ve been doing since February 2011.

You’re going to work hard every day to make sure that kids are healthy and moving, and that their schools have all the resources they need to do the same.

You’re going to put on more events, host more programs, and deepen children’s understanding of what it means to be healthy inside and out.

You’re going to partner with schools and community organizations who have like-minded goals.

And finally, you’re not going to take NO for an answer. You’re not going to give up, even when it’s hard.
Friends, I could fill this post with an abundance of words to try to demonstrate my gratitude, and the gratitude of our Board of Directors and staff.  I could add exclamation points to every sentence. But here’s the deal – I can’t adequately express what it means that you invest your hard-earned dollars in something I started.  Every one of our donors is special – whether you give $10, $1,000, or $10,000.  The best thing I can do is to SHOW you by fulfilling the promises we make – by working hard every day, to make our world a healthier place for ALL kids.

So, starting today, by fulfilling our Giving Tuesday goal, I’m going to do just that.  Guess where I’m headed tomorrow to start scouting out race sites for 2017?


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