This week we would like to highlight a sponsor that has done a lot of work for our first Spring Kids’ Mud Run: Functional Integrated Training

Functional Integrated Training is a human performance facility founded in June of 2012. They are relatively new just like us. Their focus is on youth athletes, high school athletes, and adults. Their goal is to give all of their members the fastest, most effective route to the results they want, whether it is performance, health, or fitness based. They use an advanced assessment process to properly design action plans for each member, guiding them towards their goals. They want to be recognized as the facility for young athletes to improve their overall athleticism and reach their genetic potential. Functional Integrated Training is constantly educating themselves to improve.

FIT serves 150 adult membership base and a youth base of 50 champions. The adult programs include large group training, small group sessions, and semi-private training. The kids programs are aged based, 6-9 year olds, 10-13 year olds, and High School athletes. They also develop programs for teams that want to train together. FIT has won a number of awards for their youth programs but “we really pride ourselves on is helping our young champions develop confidence and skills to be not only better athletes but also better people,” says Jared from FIT. 

FIT partnered with Tri 4 Schools because we both desire to make our younger generations more active and teach them that physical activity can and should be fun. Just like us, they want to support the parents in keeping their children active. FIT tries to remind their adult members that physical activity can be fun by making their sessions fun like when they were kids. The team at FIT is excited to see what is in store for Tri 4 Schools over the next few years and be a part of the team!