Being healthy and fit doesn’t have to be expensive.  It doesn’t take a gym membership or fancy workout clothes, but it does take self-motivation, dedication, and willpower.


Hey there fans and followers,

Last Friday we joined forces with Horizon Health and Fitness for a free family bootcamp workout.  We had a few dedicated people show up on Friday, June 20th at Parisi Park for a sweaty workout with Andy, the lead trainer and owner.

As someone who is blessed to have a flexible schedule, I usually work out mid-morning to early afternoon, which is a great luxury to have if you’re able.  Waiting until 6pm to get a workout in was tough – usually by 5pm on Friday I’m ready to kick off the weekend, so here’s to all the people who get their butts to a workout on Friday evenings (or any evening, for that matter)!  It was also really humid, and I was reminded regularly that bug spray would have been a good idea at dusk in a wooded park.  Just ask the seven mosquito bites on my legs and arms…

Okay, enough complaining.  The five of us began our workout by doing some squats and shuffles across the field, interspersing some running back and forth to the trees.  Nothing fancy, but sure enough, up went my heart rate, and I felt a burn beginning (already? But I run five days a week!) in my leg muscles.

After that, we spent a lot of time on the swings and park benches.  Yes, it was as simple as that.  From dips to push-ups to chest presses and planks, we completed set after set of exercises using just equipment around us and our own body weight!  I can say for a fact that my arms were sore the next day, and I reflected all the way home on one big take-away:

Often, our biggest obstacle to being fit and healthy is our own perceptions and excuses.

Yes, I know that may not be rocket science, but I think sometimes we get caught up in the laundry list of things we think we need to be healthy.

I need some new yoga pants.

I need to join a fancy gym.

I need access to a pool.

I need a treadmill in my basement.

The list goes on and on…

Andy demonstrated clearly that you don’t need to pay a single dime to get a great workout.  You just need time and dedication.  Now, those two things aren’t always easy to come by, but that is a matter of our own prioritization and accountability.

The other thing I really enjoyed was the benefit of working out with others.  I usually exercise solo, and in the yoga/barre classes I take, talking is discouraged (which is very tough for me, as some of you might know).  It was a refreshing change to joke with my buddies and encourage each other through the last set of planks, or sympathize with one another about how sweaty we all were.

We’d love to offer these bootcamps more often – can you help us by letting us know what days/times work well for you and your family to exercise?  We’re happy to meet in a public location that’s easy to get to, and want to encourage kids and adults of all ages to come.  I can’t wait to see what Andy has up his sleeve for next time!

A big thanks to Horizon Health and Fitness  for hosting this event, and teaching this old dog a few new tricks.