Yes, you read correctly.  In an effort to help reach schools who need the most help with funding health and fitness, our board decided on a new strategy for fund distribution!  Here’s how it will work for 2012:

First of all, we will still donate 100% of our entry fees to schools.  That is the most important thing to remember.  For both of our triathlons this year, we will donate 75% of our entry fees to the schools of our participants, just like in 2011.  However, for the remaining 25%, we will find the five schools in Dane County with the highest percentage of kids who qualify for free and reduced lunch, and enter them in a contest.  What kind of contest, you ask?  Whichever school among those five sends the most kids to our race will get the remaining race funds for their school’s health and fitness programs!  We estimate that this will be around $2000!

Pretty significant, huh?  Our goal with this is to increase participation from the schools who might not be likely to participate due to socioeconomic factors.  Research shows that children in low-income households are at the highest risk for obesity and related health problems.  We hope that this potential reward, as well as our scholarship funds ($1000 for each triathlon and $500 for our Fun Run) will help make this opportunity possible for children with the desire but a lack of means.  Let us know your thoughts, or if you have other ways you think we can help make a difference with this group of kids!

Remember, healthier kids mean a brighter future for all of us!