This weekend is the big test for many athletes participating in Ironman Wisconsin, and Josh Hastings is no exception.  Josh will be participating in the Door County Half Iron Triathlon on Sunday.  Join us in wishing him good luck by using the hashtag #IMforT4S, and supporting his fundraising goal here.


It’s July 15th, 2015. When did that happen!? Less than 60 days until the Ironman.  More importantly, less than four days until Door County!

Ironman has been on my mind daily. Time seems to still be the largest thing to manage. Things seem to be slowing down as the summer has come into full swing. My daughter is out of school and looking forward to starting a new school in the Fall. The new house is almost box free, but still has those couple of items that you wonder why you purchased. I have learned that it’s a lot like training. We have all these things that you buy and some of those make it to a box that ends up in the basement for 20 years. My family and I have decided that nothing will go to the basement. We will find a useful place for it or donate it to someone else. This has been a lot like training. We need to require that we make the decision to do something. Not set it aside and think about it later. It’s so easy to put it back in a box. This has been a big learning point for me during these last couple weeks.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Middleton Kids Triathlon. This will be my daughters 10th Tri and will make the 6th with Tri 4 Schools. She is very excited and I am excited for her. It’s been really fun listening to her talk about daddy’s races and how she understands exactly what’s going on and even provides needed pointers. My favorite has been “don’t forget to have fun!”


Good luck this weekend, Josh!  We’re all rooting for you!