With all the craziness of race week, I didn’t have time until now to give proper credit to an amazing group of people who helped put on a Tri 4 Schools fundraiser.  On Friday, August 19th (the day before the race), my husband and his coworkers at Epic did their own “triathlon” to help raise funds and awareness for Tri 4 Schools.  We are so grateful for their help, a huge thanks go out to the organizers and all the participants for helping us meet our financial need so we can keep on giving to local schools.

Here’s the vision of what the event looked like prior to “race day:”


Participants were divided into teams of six, and each team had to complete eight events total (almost makes three events seem easy!  😀 ):

  1. Leap frog
  2. Team carry (four people carried two people along a designated course)
  3. Water balloon toss
  4. Complete one round of either Bags (Corn Hole) or Ladder Golf
  5. Carry an egg on a spoon blindfolded around a cone-lined course
  6. Wheelbarrow race
  7. Three-legged race around the courtyard
  8. Team pyramid

The pictures from this were hilarious, so I have to share a few so you can see the fun and hard work these teams went through…