Hey all!

This will be my last post in our current website format.  Never fear, we’re not going away, we’re remodeling!  Months ago, I applied to take part in Goodstock – a “do-good-athon” sponsored by KW2 – a local marketing, media, and advertising company here in Madison.  KW2 adopts local non-profits and over 24 hours helps create whatever they may need – everything from commercials to marketing materials to radio PSAs.

I was pretty stoked to get the call – it was like getting in to college all over again (okay, almost that exciting)!  We needed help with a few key projects – creating posters and backpack cards for next year, and making our website “pop” and really catch your eye.  Boy, did they come through!  I can’t give away too many secrets, but next week you will see a whole new look to www.tri4schools.org and we have the good folks at KW2 to thank for it.  Special shout-out to Claire, Jack, and Maria for all their spectacular work on the site!