Hello T4S friends,

This week has flown by, and we are now on the cusp of MAY!  That means less than four months until the first Tri 4 Schools race!  I’ve been dividing my time between working on sponsorships and getting our marketing strategy off the ground so we can get the word out to Dane County families, and it seems that laying the foundation for this organization takes a long time, but is proving successful.  I keep comparing it to building a house – the foundation may not look like much, but it is what will keep the house stable and steady in the future!

Media updates this week: We are set for Monday, June 20th at 5pm on NBC 15 News!  You can see me as well as a few of our Tri 4 Schools competitors live on the news talking about our organization and how training is going for the kids.  We’ve also established connections with two other news stations and two newspapers, so hopefully you’ll see more updates in this area soon.

Sponsorship updates: We welcomed Keva Sports (www.kevasports.com) as a GOLD sponsor for our Middleton race.  Keva is a staple in the Middleton and west Madison area, as they have a HUGE variety of different athletic programs for kids and adults.  I’ve been a part of volleyball leagues there, and every time I go, it seems like there are herds of children running around and having a blast!  We will be working them on advertising and they have also graciously agreed to do goody bags and prizes for our athletes.  You can’t have too many prizes, right?  Well, get excited kids, because at T4S we are going to have lots of prizes to give away!

That’s it for the exciting updates, but I am looking forward to next week when our postcards and posters will be ready for pickup!  Thursday and Friday I will be delivering postcards and bracelets to the Madison, Middleton, and Verona schools to send home with kids (Verona – your materials will be in your school’s office).  It will be just like Christmas for me. 😀

Until the next time, remember to get out and enjoy the spring weather that is FINALLY coming next week!  I am running in Crazylegs tomorrow with my husband and I hope the thunderstorms hold off for an hour…

Stay healthy!