A Board of Directors is an essential (and required) piece of a non-profit. But, with the right mix of people, skill sets, and resources, a board can become an unstoppable force for good.  We’re thrilled with the new additions to our board in 2016, and want to be the first to introduce you to these fantastic members of our community.

Lisa Bell

haunted hustle

Lisa is a rockstar on many levels.  Not only does she have a Masters Degree in Public Health, but she has a background in non-profit business development and nutrition/health studies.  She has a passion for the health and wellness of her community, and is actively involved with My Team Triumph, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and with Lincoln Elementary School.  As a marketing and community relations specialist, she brings a wealth of knowledge and ideas to our team.  She’s also planning on competing in Ironman Wisconsin as part of My Team Triumph this September!

Brody Richter

brody richter

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Brody moved to Wisconsin originally to attend law school.  It was a great fit for him, and he also met his wife, Angie, in addition to being hired by DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C.  Brody and Angie have two wonderful daughters, Finley (2.5 years old) and Harlow (6 months old) and two gigantic Golden Retrievers (Moose and Frankie).  He is a huge sports fan and athlete, but especially enjoys hockey, which he played at a very competitive level until college.  As an adult, he has begun to enjoy biking, hiking and running (but says ‘only recently have I been able to say with honesty that I enjoy running!’).  He still plays hockey once a week and more when the opportunities present themselves.

Brody found out about Tri 4 Schools through a friend he made through another board, who introduced him to Katie.  Katie sold him on becoming a board member (a huge win for us!).  Brody says “As somebody who grew up an active kid, it is really important to me that my children are the same.  I don’t like seeing sedentary kids that aren’t getting outside and being active and that’s why the mission of Tri 4 Schools really appealed to me. I would love, as a runner, to be able to train and enjoy staying in shape with my kids as they get older.”

He is excited to get more involved in 2016 and get a better feel for the organization and figure out where his talents can help.  Brody is especially looking forward to the Sun Prairie event, as it has great potential to grow our mission.

Martha Snyder

Horribly HillyMartha and her husband, Nate, grew up in Lansing, NY, a small town in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York.  She was a cheerleader in high school (and dabbled in track).  After attending Penn State, she finished her engineering degree at Cornell University, then a law degree from Syracuse University.   After law school, she and Nate moved to Madison to join the law firm of Quarles & Brady, where she is now a partner in the Intellectual Property group.  They have two little girls, ages 2.5 (Aurora) and 2 months (Madelyn).  Before her girls were born, she was a member of Madison Multisport, focusing on shorter distance races (and hopes to get back to training with Cindi and MM in the near future).  In fact, the team is how she heard about us in the first place, through a former board member who recommended getting involved!

After Martha learned about the great work that we do, she expressed interest in joining the board, and we were happy to have her!

Martha said that “When I learned about Tri 4 Schools, I was excited because its objectives align with many of my priorities, particularly now that I have kids.  I love that T4S not only teaches kids about healthy lifestyles through the Exercise to Achievement program, but also gives kids an opportunity to actually put that knowledge to use with kid-oriented events.  I am most excited about expanding the Exercise to Achievement program to introduce even more kids to triathlon and teach them ways that they can live a healthy lifestyle.”