Every for-profit and nonprofit business utilize the professionalism and knowledge of the members on their board to grow their organization. Individuals from the community serve on board to perform a wide range of duties from providing networking opportunities, find funding, and make crucial decisions that impact the organization. A poor relationship between the board members and the executive director prevents the organization from reaching their goals and fulfilling their mission. It is crucial that all members are dedicated to the mission and willing to get their hands dirty in a flourishing nonprofit.

While most of my knowledge comes from theory and concepts learned in my classes at the UW, last month Katie gave me the opportunity to witness a board meeting for a nonprofit organization first hand. The personalities of the board members and the interactions between them parallel the character of Tri 4 Schools; fun, exciting, active, and passionate. Each person brings different experiences and knowledge to the board, but the one aspect they all have in common is their dedication to the mission of Tri 4 Schools. Each one is willing to do the work to help the organization succeed and willing to work together to achieve their goals. They have great goals.

In the next blogs to come, I am offering you a chance to meet each board member, new and returning for this year. These blog biographies will give the supporters of Tri 4 Schools to admire the team behind the scenes to make Tri 4 Schools the most successful organization it can be and has been. I hope you enjoying learning about them just as much as I am. Thank you board members for all your hard work!